The View from Here

This morning I've enjoyed listening to Sounds of the 60s while recovering our kitchen from the wreckage of a week when I've been either at work or somewhat zombie like and the Mr came down with an evil cold.

The garden is feeling a little neglected, this view hardly gets seen during the week so it's been good to spend some time gazing out there. Many lights flitted across that view this morning but it's settled into a dreary grey that it started with. Glad to have captured that blue brightness both on film and in my body last weekend. That and a few glorious sunrises and sunsets mean that the grey isn't overwhelming.

Looking forward to a very quiet weekend looking after the patient, perhaps catching up on sewing homework for my class next weekend and of course knitting. In a week with no travel it's naturally been all about the portable project, I don't know why I ever try and pigeon hole knits. Slow mo evenings on the sofa it's just about knitting what feels right and that yarn feels so right in my fingers.

Cleaning up this morning I've felt a few of those bursts of pure happiness when you know everything is just right with your world. He and I are slovenly housekeepers but happy nesters so remembering that cleaning is a form of nesting might just keep our little haven a little more heavenly.

Overlaying the daily routines this week during what is a pressured time at work has been something wonderful to dream about. I got confirmation of my place at the first Squam retreat to take place outside of the US. Come October I'll be at SquamItalia! I'm so pleased I sent in my form but I had one of those strange struggles to give myself permission to do so. It's a luxurious indulgence and though I have the savings to pay for it it took a lot to see that I should spend that on myself. My dear sweet friend Kat and the Mr were the team that convinced me; sometimes its hard to see what's right from inside your own head. I read something someone wrote justifying the expense of Squam as a recognition that you need to pay in to your own account or when you come to draw on it there'll be nothing there. I like that. It's too easy to keep on asking myself to do more and hard to feel that it's right to take the time or money or whatever it may be to fill up the well. It's a fun and frivolous thing to do - knitting classes in Italy - what an amazing dream! - but I have no doubt it will be worth every penny and a million more. What is this serious mission that I'm on that doesn't take in every fun and frivolous activity I can get my hands on?!?

One of my classes will be Shetland Lace Explored with Gudrun Johnston, do share your favourite lace patterns with me if you feel so inclined, I've a frivolous wish list of lacy shawl patterns to construct!


Unknown said…
Oh Italy, I love it! Shawls? Swallowtail is a fav. Vernal Equinox will be the next challenge.
Rose Red said…
SquamItalia! I didn't know such a wondrous thing existed! How very very exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it!
behind the ivy said…
Oh, how exciting! That sounds like a wonderful trip to look forward too. I'll live vicariously through your posts about it all :)
Rachel said…
Knitting in Italy? I'm so glad your support group convinced you it was the right thing to do! Can't wait to hear about it when the time comes! Otherwise, sounds like you had some lovely times this weekend....
SueH said…
Hope you'll accept another knitting 'follower'? Love your blog!

SueH at The Knitting Assassin! (and other blogs!)
DrK said…
oh swoon. squamitalia! how fantastic! cant wait to hear more about that! your garden looks very calming. gudrens aestlight shawl is one of my favourite shetland-inspired things, it looks great in all sorts of yarn. hope the weekend has proved suitably restorative!

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