And in the background..

..while knitting and sewing have been getting all the attention I've just, here and there, been making my pretty granny squares. This is now the ultimate in relaxing craft-ivity for me - what a difference a few months and lots of practice makes! 
I got some new colours of Patons Diploma Gold DK for my birthday so the latest squares have been featuring a new daring building brick shade of orange and a darker more muted green in particular. I've just been squirrelling the squares away in bag so knew they were mounting up but not quite how much. 49 squares already, I'm going to go and play some more and think about actual blanket plans. It surprises I'm getting close to that already.


Spinster Beth said…
Oh goodness -- you'd best get stitching, or you're going to be overwhelmed by how many you'll have to do!

They look lovely :)
Rose Red said…
I just love them with White around the edge, so much better than black, which used tombe the standard edging or joining colour for granny squares! Can't wait to see the end product!
Unknown said…
I do not envy all the end weaving! But they are looking so cute!!
Lynne said…
Well done, the blanket will be lovely. Keep at it and you may be able to snuggle under it this winter.

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