And here's what the cats think

So no final day ta da moment - it did become a dress today but it still needs sleeves, skirt lining and zipper before it can be swished around in. No worries though our lovely tutor will hold some remedial classes for us slow mos so I will not try and fit an invisible zipper all alone! There is a touch of anticlimax in not having a finished dress to show for all the hours this week but I have increased my knowledge bank and machine skills by so much more than I would have thought possible so I certainly don't feel I have nothing to show for it. 

The cats - well dear Panda spotted the new bed that I had crafted for her and just left to rest for a brief moment as I was cleaning a pile of Bingo's vomit from our one and only, tiny, patch of carpet. They think I'm a wonderful sewer but I just need to make sure my cat food sachet opening skills haven't got rusty.


Lynne said…
Ah cats, they just have to find the new place to lie, don't they?

Don't fret about the dress; you'll get it done in good time. Focus on what you have learnt and how you can apply it to the next project.
Spinster Beth said…
My cats are particularly fond of my blocking squares ... they get very possessive of whatever is pinned there!

I haven't heard of an invisible zipper before ... that must be hard to sew. How do you know you bought the right kind at the store, if you can't see it?

:) :)
Anonymous said…
you know i can not sew a straight line to save myself, so i really admire your fortitude with this. it will be gorgeous, and you will be glad you stuck with it because it will be worth all the effort. and yay for Growth as a Sewer!
Modelwidow said…
What is it with cats? mine curled up on my washed yarn skeins, then on top of the cover I put over the jumper that was blocking!

Look forward to seeing the dress when it's done - it's great to have had chance to learn so much and support to finish too.
Rose Red said…
Cats only ever sit on things of which they approve! So good tidings I think! Can't wait to see your dress, I think it will be fab!
marycatharine said…
Cats are so funny... they are a needy bunch aren't they?
Hi Sarah, just came across one of your old comments on my blog and you're right - Panda is EXACTLY like Sally, except Sally's rather fatter I'm afraid! I'm loving the blanket you're working on, I'm hoping to do something similar in the next few months for a friend's bump :)

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