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Yus, actual knitting, done by me with something delightful from the collection.
Ooh it makes me happy looking at it. Here's a little fun for you, who can name the hat pattern I'm knitting from this start of a double folded hem on straights? Answers in the comments and in a few days I'll randomly pick a right answer and gift you the pattern to your Ravelry account (or another pattern of your choice if you have this already :o)

PS - If any knitter reading this still hasn't got a Ravelry account - I encourage you to sign up - it's free and, well, marvellous.


marycatharine said…
Tetsubou? Total guess. I haven't knit it or seen the pattern but it does have the double folded hem. Also the little back tie/opening looks like it's not written in the round but flat.

Whatever pattern it is that yarn is beautiful.
Rachel said…
I'd echo marycatharine's guess and go with Tetsubou because of the hem (but didn't realize it was knit on straights). I'm sort of hoping it is that pattern because I love unique...and it will look brilliant with that yarn color you are using!
Rose Red said…
Oh I would never have guessed! But if it is the Tetsubou pattern it looks very cool. And gorgeous colour!

(although I'm not sure about wearing it with the hole framing your face, or bonnet style!!)
Modelwidow said…
Well I was going to say NK223 from the Noro World of Nature booklet but then you wouldn't be able gift the pattern to a Rav account so by process of elimination it has to be Tetsubou. And I agree, the yarn looks lovely.
Anonymous said…
oh im hopeless, ive only ever knitted two hats. that yarn is divine, at any rate!
Kyoko said…
Roman blind! ... I am completely guessing :D
It looks so fun though. Love the yarn colour!
Linda said…
Tetsubou! Its a great pattern and I love the colour of your yarn!
raining sheep said…
Well, I don't know what pattern it is , but the colorway is stunning. I would say those gorgeous blues with a hint of green in them, whether dark or light colors, are my favorite.

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