The yarn coffers are brimming; there's been a lot come in this last week or so and for a moment or two I was feeling a little overwhelmed. 
January Sock Club Yarn 
My knitting time is not abundant at the moment and on the days when I don't knit a stitch all these pretty things seem over indulgent and my plans for them pie in the sky. 
Fyberspates Scrumptious Chunky and 4-ply for His 'n' Hers Hats
There are worse things to indulge in though and there's no sell by date on these beauties. Maybe I should  describe collecting yarn as my hobby rather than knitting, that's just a sideline!
Bought from the lovely lady at Crafty Yarns near Swindon - two skeins for a super squishy cushion cover
Even if I don't get all these new things knit soon perhaps they'll inspire me to get my stash storage sorted out. It was a job for the quiet days between Christmas and New Year at the end of 2009 so even with my ability to avoid anything too much like housework it's about time I got round to it.
Bargains from Wool in Bath - all the colours I wanted for the Sheep Yoke Cardigan
I've got a better idea, I can just go knit instead.


I love the idea that collecting yarn is your main hobby! I think most of us would agree with that...lovely yarn :)
Kitty said…
After I quit smoking, I decided that all of the cigarette money would go to fun things- yarn, bath products, clothes and accessories. Most of the money has gone to yarn....

Don't feel bad about having a large stash- it's really an investment!
marycatharine said…
I love that white yarn that you're going to make into a cushion cover... it looks so squishy. Yarn seems to have a strange life cycle, it comes in, hangs around and then after marinating turns into something wonderful. At some point the yarn has to show up, so why not stash if you have the room for it?
Rose Red said…
Nothing wrong with collecting yarn! It is lovely squishy pretty stuff!
Anonymous said…
oh man. talk about droolworthy! collecting is a very noble past time you know.
T. said…
Just knit - storage will work itself out, right?
Charity said…
I've been feeling the same way - not enough knitting time, and so many wonderful plans... We'll get there! :o)
Caffeine Girl said…
Ah, yes, stash building? Hobby or bad habit? Or maybe both.
Linda said…
Yarn collecting is very important, don't worry!

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