ALL the crafts

I loved Dr K's comment on the rag rugging post about being busy trying ALL the crafts. So true. I have the biggest urge to flit from one new obsession to another. I'm littering just started projects in my wake as new crafts blow in this summer demanding attention. 

I've wanted this tapestry kit designed by Anna Maria Horner for an age. I literally couldn't imagine how it could be more perfect for me: colours, shape, subject matter. Well possibly she could have thrown a bee in there but I'll call it perfect nonetheless. I was delighted to find my not so subtle hints brought me this birthday gift as these kits are pretty splurgey. The sort of thing you can't quite justify buying for yourself when you already have approximately sixty or seventy thousand hours of craft supplies occupying nooks, crannies and just most of the living space in the house. Though really there's never enough is there? 

I started it the day after my lovely weekend away and it's been my crafty companion ever since. Let's imagine it'll be a cushion soon even though it's really no secret that this is the craft blog where not much finishing ever happens. Until the next butterfly catches my attention though, half cross stitch and the simple pleasure of which bit next will keep my fingers busy.


Unknown said…
I love finding and falling in love with new crafts. This tapestry kit is beautiful. I'm going to try and resist the temptation to go check out her other kits........
DrK said…
oh see? more pretty craft things. sometimes i think just dont show me, because i want to try them all too, and where does all the time go? this is going to be just stunning!
Rose Red said…
Oh that's gorgeous! I have a secret hankering to do a tapestry too - the shop where I teach has all these William Morris style tapestries and I am so tempted every time I see them (even though they are ridiculously expensive and I have more knitting projects than I know what to do with!).

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