Yesterday, after work, my little patch of play.

I put this out on Instagram which is a place I'm having fun in at the moment. I decided I needed to venture out from the bounds of this blog and Ravelry with all these other playgrounds out there to explore. I've been pinning a little while but sort of tentatively, sporadically not sure how to best enjoy it, worrying I'd get overwhelmed by it of course, now I'm just embracing that one a bit more and trying out Twitter too.

This is not to say that I am thinking of stopping blogging, in fact the opposite I'm feeling the need to really throw myself in headfirst to this creative sea I can best access online, I'm hoping immersion will turn to bobbing and floating merrily along and I can get back here more often. I've been feeling a lack of blogging and crafting generally in my life on and off for the last couple of years or so and what I hoped was just a lull or a rest has become more clear that the crafts were getting bumped down the priority list by less fun things! It's time to change that. I'd thought for a while that too much online stuff would just take time away from the actually doing and of course I need to get the balance right but when I think back to when I first started knitting it was the inspiration from blogs that really fed a tentative little shoot of creativity and I so want to have that buzz again.

So anyway, I'm feeling like the new kid on the edge of these new playgrounds, looking around for friendly faces, I've spotted a few and thank you kindly to you dear peoples who have already followed me back. If I haven't managed to find you yet and you too play on any of the following then I'd love it you'd reach out a hand, or invite me in to your skipping game, also if we're not friends on the old favourite Ravelry then I'd love to change that too. Thanks lovelies :)

Ravelry: Thumbelina

Instagram: sarahallfingersandthumbs

Pinterest: Sarah All Fingers and Thumbs

Twitter: @allfingerthumbs


Kai said…
I know what you mean about maybe being a little overwhelmed with all the online stuff... I've not blogged regularly for a while, but now feel like its time to start again. Added you on Instagram and twitter.. :) see you online!

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