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Percival here. Well obviously my name is not really Percival it's Simon but she who sewed me thinks Percival the Polar Bear has a nice ring to it, so you know, I'll go along with it to keep the peace. She has been promising me some friends all week but all I've seen her do is disappear out of the house muttering something about 'work' and when she's here she just plays around with some green string. Not sure how she thinks 'a whole bear troop' is going to get created unless she gets her needle out. She keeps reminiscing about how fun it was creating me. She had a day off this work thing apparently and sat around drinking tea and eating macaroons with another one like her who shares my birthday before heading out for an evening of cocktails. Apparently the lateness of the hour on a school night may be to blame for limited productivity for the rest of this week. Hmmm I think this all may be a ruse, she may be on to my plan for world domination and think she can stop me if she doesn't create me some soldiers friends. La la la. Nothing to see here. I'm just Percival looking cute.


Anonymous said…
Percy's adorable and is definitely something to see.

Just wanted you to know also that if you accept blog awards, I'm coming out of lurk to let you know that I've nominated your blog for two:

Beautiful Blogger and Reader Appreciation awards.
Rose Red said…
Well hello there Simon Percival. You are indeed very cute. You might want o think about asking her to upsize you a bit if you and your army of friends want to implement your plans for world domination! Heh heh

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