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As I sit here trying to type out my first TGIF post following the example from The Gifts of Imperfection I am forced to acknowledge that one thing perfectionists hate is having their practising observed when they are engaged in something that matters deeply; so much less scary to deal with all of that in private and only let others see when things are more polished! 

I guess that is where I'll start then: Trusting that undertaking actions like this that make me feel all squeamy are a brilliant way to be vulnerable and practice living authentically. I am so Grateful of course for the book that is inviting me up to my edges and drawing me out and for the things that do that in everyday life, some gently,wonderfully and almost without me noticing (hello spring, hello flowers) and some painfully such as feeling sad on Wednesday without any apparent cause. From that sad place I sought external words of wisdom prowling around the blog world and was enormously Inspired by Susannah's post on journalling as a means of getting access to our own inner wisdom. The wonderful calm, shininess that wrapped around me on Thursday after I started the day with an extended bout of journalling reinforced my Faith in all of the various tools and practices that I am building up around me, so many different comforts and supports for the good and bad days.


Kel said…
Beautiful! Definitely, I think the squeaky feeling is a good guide. Good luck with this practice, it looks like it feels expansive, from the outside.
Kel said…
Not squeaky! Squeamy! I didn't notice the correction.

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