Gifts from November

Beech trees at Wytham Woods

Fabric leaves from Cartwheels Craft Centre course

Tiny fungi

To my own surprise I'm really rather enjoying this November and without too much conscious effort to embrace its awkward corners. Not a month that normally fills me with excitement, too many grey skies and dark evenings, too much autumn fatigue - a not quite winter but it might as well be sort of association. Happily it's got more of an October extension vibe going on this year, still very much autumn here which is suiting me down to the leaf carpeted ground. Every time I walk outside I come back in with yet another clutch of leaves which I strew artfully about the place - perhaps more aptly described as covering every available surface so it looks rather like a storm just blew right through the house! 

At the weekend we had a little jaunt down to visit my parents in Cornwall and Mama and I started in on the Christmas craft-arama with a vengeance. Fabric leaves above were spares from a great wreath making day. The wreath itself is in hiding as it will be gifted, along with a few more if I get my sewing machine wheel spinning.

The most delightful gift from today was the discovery of a little sprinkling of the daintiest wee toadstools at the bottom of the garden. In amongst the leaves it looked as if spring was here early with a dusting of white blossom but closer inspection revealed these tiny little fungi. Almost too teeny to be true.


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