It's just one day

Kitchen prep
It's my special day to myself day, each Friday beckons all week with its promise of plenty of time to do exactly what I please and yet by the time it arrives there are so many things to do (both a little dull and a lot lovely) and honestly, no energy for anything much. I'm finetuning the balance, starting a few chores, doing a little bit of a job to chip away at it, focusing on fun things. Above all reminding myself that it's just one day and a big part of the plan is to rest and recuperate! All of that perspective is a lot easier as I've 'achieved' something and got all the prep done for tonight's dinner of Aubergine-Almond Enchiladas. It was lovely, slow kitchen time that suited my mood perfectly. There have to be special somethings from these days so that they don't just disappear but the magic seems to be in trying out and finding the right something for the day.


Gerri said…
Oh, isn't it such a gift to have those "one day" opportunities? I find myself faced with wanting to do SO much to nurture the soul. Read, write, meditate, organize, bathe in luxurious oils and scents, paint the tosies... But, inevitably, I do what's needed most, relaxing. It's all good, isn't it? xxO
Kel said…
Wise words, my lovely vixen sister. Be gentle with yourself. xx

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