April 12 or is that 8of12

I was excited that the 12th fell on a day I was visiting a friend as I thought I'd get lots of gorgeous photos. Turns out you can be too busy having fun for photos! So this is late and only eight but done trumps perfect :)
April 12of12 mosaic
:1:Paws that like to wake you up for play:2:LouLou and I:3:A cafe stop:4:before thrifting adventures:5:A little blue sky for company:6:Thrifty finds:7:Flowers for the gnome:8:Percy, owner of playful paws: 


Rose Red said…
I had my monthly knitters guild meeting on the 12th - perfect for lots of photos...and I completely forgot to take any!
Anita said…
Great pics Sarah.
Cheers, Anita.

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