I've adopted an approach of gentling along this New Year, trying to get things in balance, you know actually having fun as well as working, stemming the tide of the latest runny nose with a tissue rather than my knitting, all those good things to take care of myself. Anyway gentling has got me to the end of the month somehow without a word on here, ticking along, working on my fourth honey cowl as my hands no longer require my brain for that one. So all is well here though I am quiet. There was a gentle but delicious treat of a patchwork course here yesterday. The view from the workshop is a special one. Though it is all but a month old already I hope your New Year is treating you well.


Kai said…
There's nothing wrong with 'gentling' along. Love the idea. The patchwork looks lovely.. And that view.. Wow. Happy New Year!
Anita said…
Well hello stranger!!! Lovely to see you back and well done on the cowl. Lovely views.
Cheers, Anita.
Lynne said…
Gentling sounds like a good way to treat yourself and the year. Like your patchwork!
Rose Red said…
Hello hello! Nice to hear from you. I like your approach to the new year very much - it is pretty much what I've been doing too!
Rachel said…
Though I've missed seeing you in this space, 'gentling' sounds like the perfect way to start off a new year.

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