This weekend I actually knit something for the first time since early July. I'd say it was the influence of autumn creeping in with her shorter evenings and darker days but summer is still having her say with these past two days being about the hottest of the year. Since I taught myself to knit back in 2006 I haven't gone so long without picking up the needles. It's been a busy summer for work travels, Canada followed straight on from Italy and then east and west coast US at the start of this month. My trusty mitten came along but the impetus to knit just wasn't there. Missing that magic of inspiration which drifted off sometime this spring. I've just let it drift, not sure whether to try chase it and if I did how I would ever catch it. I've read books in the quiet times and been more sociable than I have for a long time. A different summer, no doubt a good thing. Though, I've missed my creative pursuits. I've not felt part of the blog world and have even let the trusty camera become a little dusty. I love to have the simple record of remarkable everydayness that this blog provides so I should try and get here even if the stitches aren't skipping. Anyway the trips are done for a while now and in settling back in at home this past week I've felt flickers of that old friend awaken and it's a delight to have that part of me say hello again. A gorgeous colourwork cardigan and an intriguing stitch pattern on a pretty jumper from two magazines piqued my interest and though it was just the simple rounds of the mitten I picked up, last night I went to bed with a knitting book. Sweet dreams.


Kai said…
Hello you! Welcome back! I've had similar crafty mojo-loss recently, so I sympathise.. It comes back when it's ready. Mind you that last couple of days have been sweltering, and definitely craft conducive!
Lynne said…
So good to see you in print again. Don't chase the knitting - we all have seasons and it will come back in its own good time.
Helen said…
Nice to see you! You do sound like life has been good and challenging and fun. I'm having a similar feeling about the blog world, a bit disconnected - we do it when it feels right, yes?
Rose Red said…
I can't imagine really losing my knit mojo, but as they say, everything happens for a reason - and so you've had a good summer and so much travelling (although for work - never as good is it?!). And reading - I never read now! Too busy knitting! I do miss books a bit.
DrK said…
well its lovely to see you again. im with you though, travel seems to mess with my mojo too, it really interrupts the rhythms i think, same with the blogging. sometimes just getting through the days is hard enough! but im sure you'll get back into it when you're ready.
Fleur Cotton said…
It's strange isn't it, how little knitting gets done in July/August. Already the slight autumn smell in the evening air is starting to get me to dream of my autumn knitting projects too.

Have a lovely weekend.
Fleur xx

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