Time well spent

Yesterday I knit the ribbing for the right front.
Today I knit the ribbing for the right front. In the correct size.

Last night when I discovered my mistake I caught myself thinking "oh no what a waste of time! I wanted to get the fronts finished this weekend, now I have to do this over again." Then I thought again. How is time spent knitting a waste of time? Sure, I all I had tangibly to show for it was a pile of crinkly yarn, but the time spent making the stitches in the first place was time well spent, time which is calming and knits something inside of me. Time I was happy to spend again this morning. 

Old lessons, often repeated, maybe one day I will embrace the path more than the fruit. Daydreams of the future are fun but it's how I spend the now that matters.


Rose Red said…
Oh dear! I dislike reknitting...but you are right - I like knitting, so I should like knitting, whether it's the first time or the 20th time (having said that, I hope neither of us ever have to reknit something for the 20th time, heh!)
Lynne said…
This may be fact but it could also be fiction, either way it doesn't change the point:

I read once about a student who didn't have much money to spend on knitting. She bought enough yarn for a whole jumper. She knitted that jumper and enjoyed the process. When it ws done, she still didn't have money to knit so...

she unravelled the whole thing and knitted a different jumper!

Now that's dedication to the process!

Enjoy your knitting, Sarah.
Modelwidow said…
Oh blow! but at least you realised before you got too far.
marycatharine said…
You're right any knitting is good knitting although I have a hard time reminding myself of that sometimes.
Anonymous said…
we're so focussed on not wasting time arent we? some people think that sitting around knitting is a waste in that way, but it never is, even when mistakes are made. i try to remember the process is as important as the outcome!
WildflowerWool said…
What a good way of looking at things. Knitting time is knitting time even when we have to pull it out.
Rachel said…
Sometimes I forget I love the process when those kinds of things happen. And normally it means putting it down for months on end before I'm willing to pick it up again. Obviously you have a better attitude than I do about such things!!

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