Friday, December 19, 2008

The road to Christmas...

... is paved with good intentions! Blogging, gift knitting, baking and making, there's so much more I wanted to have done by now. Still it's the same every year and to keep the balloon afloat and the vital cargo (actual enjoyment of the festive season) intact I find I have to jettison what I can bear to manage without. So I won't dally here, much as I would like to, have a mince pie on me and I'll be back with the nail-biting conclusion of "Did Sarah finish her Christmas knits?" after the big day.

Season's Greetings to one and all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Send in the Elves...

...10 December? How did that happen? Seriously Santa I need some help over here , so if you can spare me an elf or two who can knit, this pile of WIPS might just get gifted by Christmas.
In case you can't make out the projects in the gloom (if I waited for natural daylight this post may never happen) there are three pairs of socks and a scarf - the spiral one from Knitting Nature which I have been meaning to make forever.

This is it now (except for one stealth knit which is about half done too). I'm more on target than in previous years, a few potential makes have been converted to purchases and I have also finished a hat (which can wait for the rest to catch up and some light for its moment of fame.) My theory was to get them all going and then having so many choices I'd have no excuse for not fancying something to knit each evening. It's kind of worked though work itself has been very busy and then there's that thing of actually socialising - it's all a shock to my system, the last two years I've been in work trip mode and haven't done much outside the house type Christmassy things. This year I thought I'd have such a relaxed December, it would be all decorated by now, I'd be sitting with a cup of mulled wine knitting calmly away on my final gift or two... yeah right! So far behind on everything!

And so to a long overdue present for one of you lovely readers who commented on my blogiversary post, the lucky winner of the draw is..... Floderten. I'll leave a note on your blog with my email address so you can send me your snail mail for the budges and battons :o)

Thank you all for your kind words about the Dashings - this time of year its inevitable that blogging sometimes gets squeezed out in the mad rush of holiday busyness so thank you especially for everyone who took the time to say something lovely. The recipients were all very well behaved and took the gifts away to save till Christmas day but there was a pleasing glint in their eyes as they squished them and felt the woollyness. So, I'm off to click the needles some more and spread the woolly love a little further.
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