Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello Strangers

Ever feel like life is conspiring against you?

Not been the best few weeks but all is fine in the grand scheme of things. Thank you Amanda and Marianne for your concern.

Knitting liking blogging has been sparse of late, Horace is finished and awaiting his photo call - he's cute - though he somehow ended up with wings instead of arms! What knitting there is, is on a garter rib sock from SKS and I'm finding the instructions great.

Things are definitely looking up, am off to Salzburg for work on Friday and have a tip for a good yarn store from Dipsy Doodle. Thanks again Dipsy. Just got to find that passport first....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Moonlight and Sunlight

Little Miss Moonlight is coming along well, a nice easy knit so far:
Today though, it's all about sunlight:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Letter from America

Sorry, I mean parcel but I can't get The Proclaimers song out of my head...when you go will you send back .... Take a look up the railtrack, From Miami to Canada....This was a firm favourite of mine growing up because of the line "Lewis no more"; endlessly entertaining when that's your brother's name :o)

Anyway back to the parcel - the Blue Sky Cotton has arrived:
What beauty. It is softer than I realised cotton yarn could feel, and the colour is everything I had hoped for and more. Yum!
Fantastic service from kpixie.com, I ordered the yarn last Tuesday and here it is just a week later, they packaged it beautifully too, couldn't have asked for better. They offer 10% off your first order so well worth a look ;0)
I'm just going to leave it in its box and enjoy it for the moment. I'm finding I get immense pleasure from all the preparation for a big project and yarn gazing and fondling needs to be given its time allocation before the more anxious process of swatching begins!
Talking of which I'm all swatched and ready to cast on for Moonlight which will round off today's knitting pleasure, increased as I get to use the Brittany Birch needles.
Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments on the last post - the sock yarns are singing their siren songs to me but Horace has been flourishing under the attention I've been giving and Amanda's encouragement and I'm going to finish him before I cast on for anymore socks.
Carrie-Anne - I really love the SKS book. It's full of all of the things I didn't know it would be useful to know about sock knitting! It seems to me to be very comprehensive but I'm not sure how much an experienced knitter would get from it as it's primary focus is on teaching you the construction of socks and the different ways of knitting them. If you're switched on to this already and can translate stitch patterns to work on socks you may not need a book like this? My only gripe would be that I wish they had better (and more) photos of the socks - this is a bit basic in that sense - but it probably hasn't fared well as I've been reading the exquisitely styled Rowan mags alongside.
As for the glove, trying to felt it is a very intriguing idea, thanks ArtyFartyKat for the suggestion, some internet research will be done this weekend.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Clearing the Decks

In preparation for Moonlight and Flair I've been clearing the knitting decks today. I finished off the teapot stand for the kitchen:
Learnt how to do the cabled cast on for this and it's my first bit of double moss stitch. Every project brings me new skills at the moment which in turn brings a great sense of achievement in the simplest of objects.

The yarn is the same as I attempted the driving gloves in. I say attempted as after several weeks of mourning I've decided that there is no way back for the driving gloves. Here is the monster!
I've no idea what happened here as it is the right gauge and yet the glove that should fit me, fits my 1TB who is 6ft5in and definitely does not have the hands of the average woman! He did say he'd wear them in this fetching shade but he doesn't like the style that means it doesn't fit snug around his wrist. I would try them in another yarn but they are knit flat and then seamed which seems wrong for gloves. I'll look out for a similar style knit in the round I think.

This yarn is lovely but sadly I have no idea what it is as it came as part of a mixed lot with no identity tags. I think it's a wool/acrylic blend but I may be hopelessly wrong on that.

Another UFO that has bitten the dust is the River Scarf. This was a plain garter stitch scarf, which I was going to liven up with a patterned panel. I started this when it seemed this may be my creative limit but with so many options open to me now there is no way I will return to this, so time to say farewell.
I don't think it's going to be all jumpers around here though as I seem to have amassed some other rather lovely yarns just recently and with Charlene to hand am looking forward to getting some lovely socks going alongside the bigger projects.

The cones of yarn were a bargain (of course ;0) from ebay. The darker of the two is machine washable wool by King Cole in Drift, the lighter Yeoman Husky Yarn which has pretty white slubs running through it. The Trekking XXL (shade 1671) came from ebay too from Yummy Yarns along with the ball without a band which is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed. I've read and heard a lot about these yarns on blogs and podcasts so I'm keen to see how I get on with them.
The last ball in the pic I got today at Masons which is a FAB yarn shop in Abingdon (just south of Oxford). I saw it mentioned in the Angel Yarns forum the other day and when my friend from work said she was planning a trip today I had to join in. I somehow escaped with just this yarn and a smidge of ribbon for the waistcoat closing as I'm trying not to buy anymore yarn until Flair and Moonlight are done (or well on the way at least!).
Here's a close up of it as I'm particularly intrigued about this one; I've not heard it mentioned elsewhere and it looks to be great value at just £3.30 for 100gms. I'd love to know if anyone else has knit with this?
I shall definitely be returning to Masons. They have a great range of yarn, with everything from the designer brands, the more budget choices, lots of brands I hadn't heard of and even some locally sourced alpaca. The staff were lovely, it's combined with a great fabric section and is everything you would want from a LYS - hooray!
Well this is a mega post but I just want to finish by saying that Cucumberpatch were brilliant once again with my order for the Rowanspun Aran for Moonlight. I ordered it on Wednesday lunchtime and it arrived on Thursday morning, can't ask for better service than that can you?!
I've swatched on the recommended 5.5mm needles but am slightly out - am hoping 5mm needles get the right gauge as these are my Brittany Birch needles and I would love to knit a big project on them.
Am off babysitting tonight and hope the children are sleepy so I can get some work in on Horace and sweep the decks thoroughly clean!
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